Experience counts.....details matter!

We've been successful for three simple reasons: quality, performance, and customer service


The following is just a sample of the differences in construction quality that set us apart from the competition.

  • We use GX series Honda gasoline engines, which include a 3 year warranty.
  • Our pumps are cast and heat treated in the U.S.A. We CNC machine them, install American made gaskets and seals, then hand assemble them to check clearances.
  • 99% TIG welded construction. Cold rolled steel is all we use.
  • Our sluice boxes are made out of thick aircraft grade aluminum, and are heli-arc welded inside and out.
  • We make our pontoons, flares, and hoppers out of 100% pure cross link polyethylene. This is the toughest, most UV resistant plastic available.
  • Extensive use of highly accurate laser-cut steel and aluminum parts simplifies assembly, and the replacement of those parts when necessary.
  • Our footvalves are made out of steel and aluminum, and can be rebuilt if necessary.
  • We use grade 8 hardware and nylon lock-nuts on every piece of equipment.
  • All steel components are plated for corrosion resistance.
  • We supply the best American made diving air compressors on the market. Our compressor drives include high quality belts and steel pulleys. We don't use cast pulleys, as they're weak and don't run as true.
  • Nomad matting ("Miners Moss") is installed in all powered equipment for the full length of the recovery system. Indoor-outdoor carpeting and rubber riffles don't even come close to matching the performance of Nomad.


Here is where the advantages of owning a Proline become more apparent.

  • We pioneered the original non-clogging power jet system many years ago. Today it is still regarded as the most effective design in the world for preventing surface rock jams, and can be found on all of the 3" and larger dredges.
  • Our efficient jetting systems, when coupled to our more modern, high performance water pumps, provide outstanding dredge vacuum and increased production capabilities. Few factory-made dredges can match our vacuum levels.
  • Our recovery systems put us on the map decades ago. With well over 40 years of practical mining experience under our belts, along with a comprehensive research and development program based out of our shops here in the California Mother Lode, we were able to develop some of the most effective gold recovery systems ever found on portable mining equipment. Our extensive work with tuned classifier design, riffle profile, riffle timing, corrected water speed measurement, and optimized classification, has led to a line of equipment that is hard to beat. While our competitors continue to promote heavier, more complicated designs full of gimmicks, we continue to strive for simpicity through testing both in house and in the field. Portability and practicality both play a large role in your success as a prospector/miner. Cumbersome, inefficient sluices waste time and end up costing the operator in the long run. Proline sluice boxes are lightweight, strong, easy to adjust and clean, and consistently match or exceed the recovery of heavier, far more complicated designs.
  • Not only do we use high grade plastics in the manufacturing of our pontoons, flares, and hoppers, but we also make these parts thicker than most other companies. In the case of our pontoons, we cast them with strong threaded steel inserts to simpify assembly. We don't believe in making a quality pontoon, only to attach frame mounting brackets to it, with wood screws.
  • The frames on our dredges are fully welded, yet break down easily for transport into remote locations. Our frames are elevated above the pontoons, making the dredge easy to carry and tie off without the additional weight of handles and cleats.
  • If you're in the market for a dual purpose machine, you've come to the right place. The Proline dredge-highbanker combinations have set the standard for decades. The advantage of our combos is simple: It's all in the design. Look at any other dual purpose unit on the market and you'll see a highbanker that has been adapted to allow for dredging use. Our dredge-highbanker combos are unique in that they were designed specifically for both dredging and highbanking (power sluicing). As a result, our customers benefit from a line of machines that perform equally well in both applications. Read more about our combos by clicking on "Dredge/Highbankers."

The list goes on and on. From our "Professional" series gold pans and premium hand sluice boxes, to our new line of wetsuits designed specifically for dredging. Proline's goal is to offer you the very best products in the business.


Let's face it-quality or performance mean little if the service is bad. Whether you're starting a small scale mining operation outside the U.S., or you just need a couple of new crevice scraping tools, we're always happy to assist you by any means possible. We have never charged our customers a "handling" or "crating" fee, nor do we add to the actual shipping costs. If you have some technical questions, need a shipping quote, or are ready to place an order, we're always just a phone call or email away. It's impossible to please everyone, but we come close-just ask a Proline owner.


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Prospecting Tools - The use of modern gold prospecting equipment such as our Proline Professional Gold Pans and lightweight, durable, dredges and sluices will help you recover gold more quickly, safely and efficiently than ever before.

Dredge/highbanker combos - Proline Dredge/Highbanker combos have become the standard against which all other dual purpose machines are measured.

dredge highbanker accessories - Versatility is the primary reason for the popularity of the Proline dual-purpose machines. Today, we offer several products that increase the flexibility and performance of the combos.

gold dredges - Many years of research and development, along with decades of invaluable dredging experience, have gone into the dredges we build today.

diving equipment - The ability to dive takes dredging to a whole new level. It’s safer, more enjoyable, allows for dredging in deeper water, and for more extensive bedrock cleaning.

parts & Accessories - For your convenience, we carry a wide assortment of Parts & Accessories for your Proline products.