Diving Equipment

Diving Takes dredging to a whole new level

The ability to dive takes dredging to a whole new level. It’s safer, more enjoyable, allows for dredging in deeper water, and for more extensive bedrock cleaning. We carry a variety of diving equipment, clothing and supplies including the Air Breathing Kit. This kit contains our pro-series safety harness designed specifically for the needs of dredgers. Also included; a high quality low-pressure regulator, air hoses and a reserve tank. It can be used for one or two divers.

Masks & Accessories

Masks & Accessories

A diving mask is not just another piece of equipment. It is a window through which to view the underwater world. We offer several mask from which to choose so that you can see your operation clearly and operate comfortably and efficiently.

Wetsuits, & Accessories

Wetsuits & Accessories

Anyone who has spent much time in and around water knows that even fairly warm water will make you feel very cold if you stay submerged too long.Without a wetsuit, water pulls heat away from your body a full 25 times faster than air. So, if you get a chill when the air temperature drops to 55 degrees, just think about how much more quickly you'll feel cold in 55-degree water. Wetsuits work simply by using thick, spongy material (neoprene) to trap a thin layer of water against your skin… which is much easier for your body to warm than all the surrounding water. More than anything else, you need a wetsuit that fits you right. A wetsuit should fit snugly all over, but not overly tight anywhere, and should not restrict breathing or movement. We carry a wide range of sizes (L-5XL). Rest assured that a good fitting, good quality, wetsuit is worth its weight in gold!

Boots, Socks & Gloves

Boots, Sock & Gloves

Keep those digits warm! Cold feet are no fun and you just can’t work with cold hands. Dive boots, socks and gloves should be worn with your wetsuit to protect against heat loss and keep you feeling comfortably warm.

Weight Belts, Weights & Molds

Weight Belts, Weights & Molds

For your convenience we offer lead weight belts for diving, ready-made 5 lb. and 10 lb. lead weights, and lead weight molds. We know that lead can get expensive so you can save money with our weight molds if you know how to work with molten metal. Our molds come in easy-to-use 5 lb. and 10 lb. sizes.