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5" Dredge

workhorses that offer excellent recovery while remaning lightweight and simple to adjust

Our 5" size has always been popular with dredgers who were looking for the perfect balance of portability with higher productivity. Smaller dredges simply can't process as much gravel and the larger dredges require more effort to get into remote locations where the richer gold deposits usually are. This is why the 5" dredge size is normally the smallest chosen by the serious prospectors and professional dredgers.

Our standard twin engine model is aimed toward the more serious dredger and offers the most suction power of any 5" dredge in its class. Powered by two Honda GX160 engines, and our proven HP350 pumps, the latest option on the twin engine model is to equip it with dual Honda GX200 engines and our impressive HP400 pumps for even greater power, making it ideal for higher altitudes or for extra deep dredging. This dredge is easier to refuel and start due to the location of the pumps and the two smaller, lighter power plants are easier to handle than the larger single engine/pump package. The twin engine model is also capable of driving an additional air compressor should the need arise. Proline also offers a single engine dredge design to provide a choice to our well established twin engine platform. The single engine dredge is slightly lighter and lower in cost than the twin engine model and is directed more toward the enthusiast who may not have the need for the additional power and portability of the twin. The single is powered by a Honda GX270 engine and our HP500 pump. This engine/pump combination provides for excellent suction power and can potentially offer better fuel consumption over a twin engine dredge that is being operated at full throttle.

Both dredges use the same modular flotation and sturdy frame which bolts together for ease of transporting and storage when not in use. Naturally, these dredges use the same non-clogging jetting system found on other Proline equipment.

Of course, gold recovery is the prime factor in determining the worth of any dredge. Proline takes pride in building equipment that delivers recovery of the finest gold. NO machine can possibly keep all the gold, but our designs have proven that they are capable of consistently recovering finer gold than those offered by our competitors. Both of the 5" dredges offer excellent recovery while remaining lightweight and simple to adjust. These dredges have proven themselves to be true work horses in the field, providing years of trouble-free operation in harsh conditions.

5" Dredge w/Honda GX270 & HP500 pump & T-80

5" Dredge w/Honda GX270 & HP500 pump & PCA10

5" Dredge w/(2) Honda GX160s & (2) HP350 pumps & T-80

5" Dredge w/(2) Honda GX200s & (2) HP400 pumps & T-80

5" Dredge w/(2) Honda GX200s & (2) HP400 pumps & PCA10

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  • Engine: Single Honda GX270, Twin (2) Honda GX160s (GX200 optional)
  • Pump: Single HP500, Twin (2) HP350 or (2) HP400
  • Sluice Box: 20" x 60"
  • Dredge Hose: 5" x 20 ft.
  • High Pressure Hose: Single 2" x 84", Twin (2) 2" x 72"
  • Flotation: 4 polyethylene floats 14" X 56" X 88"
  • Air Compressor: T-80 or PCA10
  • Capacity: Up to 16 cubic yards per hour
  • Weight: Single 300 lbs., Twin 325 lbs.